If you have any specific questions, please click on the below to see if we have answered them here! If we haven’t please do contact us and we will endeavour to help.


How much I need to know about computers to be able to use Eskimo EPOS?
Eskimo EPoS has been designed to be extremely intuitive. Within 30 minutes of basic training someone with minimal or no computer experience will be capable of putting through sales, refunds and voids and searching for products.
Will the system recognise barcoded and non-barcoded products?
Yes, the system will cater for both.
Can I use manufacturers or suppliers barcodes?
Eskimo will allow you to either use manufacturers or suppliers’ barcodes or will generate a barcode for you, or you can simply create your own.
Will I be able to see stock level information on the till at point of sale?
The till operator will be able to see all this information on any specific product with a click of a button.
Can I hold customer account records?
Yes, it is a very simple process for the till operator to capture customer details and set up an account for them on the till.

Customers call my store to reserve stock for collection, will Eskimo cope with this?
Reserving stock for customer collection is a very easy process.

How easy is it to add another till into my store at a later date?
Eskimo EPoS is fully-scalable; the addition of another till is a ‘plug-and-play’ process.

Do I need to buy till hardware from Nebula Systems to run Eskimo EPoS?
All hardware supplied by Nebula Systems has been selected and tested for its compatibility with our software, its reliability during heavy use in a retail environment and its affordability. However the Eskimo EPoS software suite will run efficiently on most laptops, PC’s or touch screen tills, if you would like us to investigate the suitability of any existing hardware you may have we would be happy to help.


Do I have to enter my product database into Eskimo?
The product database will require input. There is a very simple to use excel importer within the Eskimo Back Office that we can guide you through and help you to use. There are multiple ways of easily entering product into the system if you do not have an Excel spreadsheet available.
How live is the stock update?Multi-Store Organisation; With Eskimo Automated Task Manager taking care of this process you set the system to update sales and product files as often as you like across your group estate.
Single-Store Organisation; Once the sale has been made on the Eskimo EPoS till software the Back Office will update the stock figure in your store.
What reports are readily available?
Included within your purchase of the Eskimo Back Office Toolkit is a full reporting suite. There are many reports for analysing your business by product, by sales period, by supplier, by customer. In conjunction with the extensive search facility available to you this means that you can easily find the information or data you are looking for.
Will Nebula Write Specific Reports For Me?
If you find the multitude of reports already available to you as standard do not cover your requirements we would be happy to provide you with a quote to write the report you need into the system.

What accounts packages does Eskimo link with?
Eskimo does link automatically with any accounts package. A report can be easily be run to provide you with all the necessary information you may need to import into your existing accounts package.

My business deal with trade customers and takes orders over the phone, is Eskimo suitable?
Eskimo Back Office will comfortably deal with trade customer orders and has the ability for you to reserve stock for customer collection.

Can I print barcode labels from Eskimo Back Office?
Yes, you can either print barcode labels in a standard format or use the label designer to customise them to your requirements.


I need integrated eCommerce and centralised stock control, is Eskimo Suitable for me?
Eskimo eCommerce will integrate seamlessly with Eskimo EPoS ensuring you stock is always accurate.
Will Eskimo EPoS integrate with an existing eCommerce package?
Eskimo eCommerce is designed to link with Eskimo EPoS. If you have an existing eCommerce solution in place please call us to discuss the possibilities of linking it with Eskimo EPoS, we would be happy to provide you with a quotation.
If I invest in Eskimo eCommerce will I be able to update products and pictures myself?
Yes, it has been designed to be accessible so the user can keep their product file updated.
Can you supply me with any reference sites to have a look at?
Yes, we would be happy to supply you with details of a reference site.
I have an existing web site, can you design the eCommerce solution to fit aesthetically?
Yes, we will take into account your corporate branding when designing your eCommerce solution.


What chip ‘n’ pin service do you offer?
For more information on the Eskimo chip ‘n’ pin services please contact our customer services department on 01202 477111


What warranty comes with the hardware?
All hardware Nebula Systems supplies is provided with the manufacturers’ standard warranty.
What extra hardware support is available?
We do offer an optional on site hardware support service; we would be happy to provide you further details.
What hardware do we use?
We are able to provide you with various hardware options depending on your budget; they include a PC with touch screen monitor or a high end touch screen till. Either option will run the Eskimo EPoS software quite efficiently. We also supply all the necessary peripherals required such as barcode scanners, cash drawers, customer display units, receipt printers and barcode label printers.
If I do decide to use my own hardware what operating system do I require?
You will be able to unleash the full performance of Eskimo with either Windows XP or Windows 7.


How does our support work?
When we install an Eskimo EPoS system into your store you will need to have a broadband internet connection available. When you require assistance from our support team we will dial in to the till and communicate with you on the phone to answer your query.
Do I need a support contract?
All elements of the Eskimo Software Suite, EPoS, Back Office and eCommerce are all sold with a support contract.
What does the remote support contract cover?
Our remote support contract covers any element of the Eskimo software suite you have installed on hardware supplied by Nebula Systems or installed on any existing hardware. Your support contract with us also provides you with unlimited, on-going remote online training to help you get the most out of your Eskimo Retail System.
How much is a support contract going to cost me?
The cost is solely dependent on the number of software licences that are required for your particular setup and will be confirmed in our formal quotation.
What options do I have for the payment of my support contract?
The only option is to pay monthly.
What happens if I do not pay my monthly support fees on time?
You will receive prior notification that your payments are overdue, if this is ignored the remote support and training from our team will end with no further warning.


Is there a user manual?
On completion of basic training you will be left or sent a copy of our overview manual. You will find online help files for each of the sections in both Eskimo EPoS and Eskimo Back Office Toolkit.

How will my staff and I be trained?

  • We will provide you and your key staff with enough initial training on the basics of the system to allow you to be able to begin using the software efficiently.
  • Depending on your budget, initial training will either be onsite or remotely.
  • Through experience we have found the remote training option works best;
  • You can stage the training so you can digest each section before moving on
  • There tends to be less interruptions so more is covered in less time
  • It is more cost-effective to your business.
  • Any further training you may require will be carried out remotely and is covered by your support contract; this remote training is unlimited.

What is remote training?
As with support remote training takes place online. Our trainer will dial in across the broadband connection and communicate with you on the phone to help you with any part of the software you need training on. Our remote training is on-going and unlimited and is part of your support contract with us.


What will be expected of me prior to the installation taking place?
We will expect there to be a running broadband connection in place. There will need to be the correct amount of power sockets available to power the hardware. Our engineer will be expecting to be working in a safe and clear environment. All of the installation requirements will have been discussed and agreed prior to an official order being signed.
Who installs the system?
We do this for you. The system will be configured in our offices in Bournemouth and then a trained engineer will visit your site to carry out the installation under your supervision.
How long does an installation take?
This depends on the amount of hardware and software involved. You will be provided an installation cost at the time of a formal quotation.


How much does a basic system cost?
The average budget required for a 1 till setup including software and necessary hardware is currently around £2000 ex VAT plus support.Pricing is obviously based on your individual requirement following demonstrations and discussions.
What payment options are there?
There are a couple of monthly payment options available and we can recommend an independent company if you are considering leasing. There is no leasing option available on Eskimo software, it applies to hardware only.
If I choose a monthly payment when will the first payment be due?
In the formal quotation you receive you will be furnished with the details of your agreed payment plan. In most cases, if you have chosen a monthly payment the first payment is due for collection upon completion of the installation.


What is the minimum package I require to be able to use the Eskimo Software Suite?
If you have a laptop you can have the Eskimo EPoS software installed; it will run efficiently on most modern machines. You are also able to run barcode scanners, cash drawers, receipt printers from a laptop if you so choose. The minimum number of software licences you require from us is 2 – an Eskimo EPoS licence and an Eskimo Back Office Toolkit.

I am a small independent retailer with one store. Is Eskimo suitable for me?
Eskimo will operate perfectly in this environment, providing a powerful yet affordable solution.

I have a multi-branch retail business. I need to access my business from many locations?Eskimo is designed to operate in a multi-branch environment and allows for access wherever a broadband link can be established.

Do I have to pay extra for upgrades?
Software upgrades are offered without charge where a full support contract is in place.

Who wrote Eskimo?
Eskimo was written by Nebula’s in-house programmers.

I need to know more technical stuff, who do I talk to?
Please contact us by e-mail or telephone with your technical questions and one of our team will be happy to help.

Is the system tested before installation?
Yes. Every system, both hardware and software, we send out is tested in our offices in Bournemouth by one of our technicians.

Do you have any current users of the Eskimo Retail System I could talk to?
Yes, we would be happy to provide you with details of current users so you can discuss with them the performance of the software.