Through our understanding of retailers’ requirements we have developed Eskimo to provide your business with a fast and convenient way of processing sales, whilst at the same time recording vital business information that will enable you to make informed buying decisions and improve your bottom line. Eskimo is suitable for any type of business, whether single or multi-store and we offer all the necessary software, hardware, support and advice to supply you with the full retail solution:

  • Single Store Retailer 
    Software Must Have’s: Eskimo Retail EPoS and Eskimo Back Office Toolkit
    Options: Eskimo eCommerce, Eskimo Automated Task Manager (Required if option taken on Eskimo eCommerce), Chip ‘ n’ Pin, Data Backup, Hardware and Anti-virus
  • Multi -Store Retailer
    Software Must Have’s: Eskimo Retail EPoS, Eskimo Back Office Toolkit and Eskimo Automated Task Manager
    Options: Eskimo eCommerce, Chip ‘ n’ Pin, Data Backup, Hardware and Anti-virus

EPOS Product Options:

Eskimo Retail EPoS

Suitable for Single or Multi-Store Retail Organisations Whether your business is a single-store, single till operation or a multi-store, multi-till... read more

Eskimo Retail Back Office

Eskimo Back Office Toolkit is the management and stock control system with which you are able to analyse your business at the touch of a button.... read more

Eskimo eCommerce

To maximise your sales potential it is vital your business is in a position to capture part of the increasing amount of sales placed online in your... read more

Eskimo Automated Task Manager

Automate the polling of data between your stores, head office and eCommerce The Eskimo Automated Task Manager is essential where the secure,... read more

Eskimobile Hand Held Device

Eskimobile will help speed up your stock taking procedure by simply being able to scan the products in to the handheld device and then synchronising... read more

Integrated Chip ‘N’ Pin

Process your credit and debit cards efficiently and securely by integrating with your Eskimo EPOS Being able to process customer card payments... read more

Anti Virus

It is vital for you to protect your business-critical retail system from  and we are happy to quote to install our recommended anti-virus... read more

Data Backup

We all know how fallible any technology can be, yet do we all take the appropriate action to ensure our business-critical data is safe from... read more


All hardware supplied by Nebula Systems for use with our Eskimo EPoS Software Suite has been fully tested for its physical durability, performance... read more

Payment Options

Monthly Payment We understand that finding the funds can sometimes be the deciding factor in whether you invest in an EPOS system. Nebula Systems is... read more