Eskimo Automated Task Manager

Automate the polling of data between your stores, head office and eCommerce

The Eskimo Automated Task Manager is essential where the secure, reliable, speedy and automatic transfer of data is required – either in a multi-store environment or where there is an Eskimo eCommerce solution in place.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce the potential for human error; take away the worry of miscommunication between stores
    • Automate the required importing and exporting of data between your stores, head office and eCommerce
    • After initial setup there is no input required to ensure the automatic process takes place
  • Increase staff confidence; raise your reputation with your customers
    • Ensure all stock information correct at point of sale by allowing system to do the hardwork for you and automate the updating of all stores’ product files
    • Provide your staff with accurate in-stock figures at all times
  • Highten your customer service reputation with live stock updates
    • Keep a tab on low stock to reduce out of stock items
  • Efficient Polling of Group Data
    • The Eskimo Automated Task Manager has been developed to pull the data from each of
      your stores up to Head Office RATHER than waiting for each store to send up its
      data at a specific time; this avoids downtime waiting for stores to send up
      their data.
    • This allows you to synchronise your stock from head office
  • Maximise your marketing; raise your brand awareness by increasing customer communication
    • Collate all your stores’ customer databases and target specific audiences with tailored promotions or offers
  • Never miss a sale due to lack of product availability
    • Quickly and accurately send product information to and retrieve sales from Eskimo eCommerce
    • Integrate your web sales with Eskimo EPOS in your store(s)
  • Plan ahead
    • Ensure your peace of mind with the automation of the backup of your database
  • Enhanced security
    • Only staff with relevant privileges can setup, edit or run tasks