Eskimo Retail Back Office

Eskimo Back Office Toolkit is the management and stock control system with which you are able to analyse your business at the touch of a button. Working in conjunction with the EPOS, the Back Office allows you to react smartly to customer sales history and make informed buying decisions through efficient use of the comprehensive reporting suite.

As well as ensuring you achieve tighter stock control, the Back Office Toolkit will give you complete control over your purchase ordering with your suppliers and present you with an effective means of measuring their performance.

If your business is a multi-store organisation you will be able to manage your group stock effectively and ‘have your finger on the pulse’ with each of your stores or outlets.Eskimo Back Office Toolkit will help to reduce your paperwork, automate many of your routine procedures, and therefore increase the effectiveness and productivity of your business and its staff. Ultimately, it will contribute to increasing your turnover and profit.

Key Benefits:

  • Simple and accurate product setup for retailers of all types
    • Easy-to-follow process for setting up items on system
    • Rapid set up of multiple items, especially useful for fashion, clothes or shoe shops where the products have multiple colours and sizes
    • Excel importer for new product information
    • Allow the system to generate the barcode,  use supplier barcodes or create your own barcodes
  • Increase your profit with accurate pricing
    • Control your sales pricing with the multi-tier pricing
    • Allow the system to automate the pricing of your stock by amount or margin
    • Quickly change pricing on specific items
  • No more money wasted on dead stock; confidently make informed buying decisions with real-time sales analysis
    • Accurately analyse your business with the comprehensive reporting suite
    • Detailed stock and sales history reports ensure you do not over or under order
    • Monitor customer buying patterns
    • Know in an instant your turnover and profit
    • Know at the touch of a button your best and worst selling lines
    • Compare customer sales by period or season to make informed decisions
  • Never lose a sale through inefficient stock top up
    • Quickly gather the necessary information to keep your stores stock topped up with the right items during the day
  • Eliminate the need for out of hours paperwork
    • Automate many of your routine procedures
  • Effectively monitor supplier performance
    • Know in an instant who supplies you which item
    • Keep track of supplier errors with efficient goods –in procedure
  • Confidently make informed buying decisions
    • Save time by basing new order to supplier on old ones using automatic ordering
    • Base repeat purchase orders on your sales history
    • Allow system to generate orders based on minimum and maximum stock levels
    • Fashion or clothing retailers who order on a seasonal basis can easily keep track of
      their forward orders
  • Simplify your customer management
    • Take orders from trade customers
    • Easily turn customer sales order into customer sales invoice
    • Keep a track of outstanding invoices, improve your cash flow
  • Reduce errors and save time by automating the stock movement between your stores
    • Easily move stock from store to store or warehouse with a simple transfer function
    • Accurately record stock movements between stores and warehouse
  • Enhance security and reduce stock shrinkage with effective, regular stock taking
    • Raise staff awareness by making regular use of easy-to-follow stock taking procedure
    • Use EskiMoblie hand-held scanner to speed up the stock check process even more
  • React instantly to drop in sales with live monitoring of shop tills
    • Monitor the till sales live from your back office
    • Measure sales by hour, day, week and month
  • Maximise your sales potential using discounts and promotions
    • Easily set up tills to manage your in-store discounts, promotions and deals
    • Allow the system to automate your date driven promotions
    • Setup unlimited reasons for discounts; analyse which are working for your business
    • Reward customer loyalty with extra discount ysecurely and easily
  • Improve individual accountability within your store
    • Use careful allocation of system permissions
    • Detailed reports provide individual till information
  • Improve your reputation with timed and accurate customer communication
    • Consider our integrated text messaging option