Integrated Chip ‘N’ Pin

Process your credit and debit cards efficiently and securely by integrating with your Eskimo EPOS

Being able to process customer card payments quickly and professionally is a must-have for any retailer. Integrating this service into your Eskimo EPoS Retail system will make the transaction process very efficient and secure for both your till operator and customer alike.

Key Benefits:

  • Save money
    • Eliminate the need for EFT terminal rental
    • No need for a separate telephone analogue line
    • All details of transaction, card and items, are printed on one clear receipt
  • Reduce the chance of operator error
    •  Direct connection to Eskimo EPOS makes the capture of card details are always accurate and require no extra input from the operator
  • Save your time and keep customer waiting time to a minimum
    • The integrated service is broadband based and therefore faster than analogue based solutions
  • Eliminate any reconciliation issues
    •  Transaction amount is known by the EPOS system and passed verbatim to ATS software which eliminates accidental or malicious keying errors
  • Maximise your in-store security
    • Opportunities for collusion to defraud between a till operator and cardholder are significantly reduced as transactions are recorded within the EPoS and MUST form part of the end-of-day reconciliation process