As with anything we would not expect you to invest in an Eskimo EPOS till system without knowing a little more about the product, its functionality and the pricing. We want you to know more so that you will very quickly be able to weigh up the cost of investment against the benefits to your business; we understand you need to know why you should invest.

When you call us expressing an interest we will encourage you to arrange a very brief online demonstration of our Eskimo EPOS Software Suite, this will take approximately 20-30 minutes of your time. You will not only see the basics of our software in action but it will also give us the chance to understand what you are looking for from an EPOS solution – this is a very important part of the initial process, it gives you the chance to understand why retailers are choosing Eskimo EPOS from Nebula Systems as their preferred choice of till system.

Once we have gained an insight into your requirement you will be provided with a completely itemised quotation for you to consider at your leisure. If you would like an on-site visit from us after receiving the quotation we would be more than happy to arrange this for you, likewise if you would like to visit our offices in Bournemouth in Dorset for further discussions you would be made very welcome by the team.