Making the decision to invest in a new EPOS till system can be daunting. No matter the number of stores in your organisation you need to be sure your staff will be comfortable using it and that they are fully-trained in its operation to enable you to gain the benefits as a business owner.

When you purchase an Eskimo Retail System you and your key staff will receive initial basic training on the EPOS till software and the Back Office Toolkit. Depending on your budget, it is your choice whether the basic training takes place face-to-face or remotely. Either way this basic training is designed to provide the necessary knowledge for you to be able to begin using the system efficiently – we have found remote training (See FAQ’s for further information) to be very effective.

You will find as you become more familiar with the Eskimo EPOS Software Suite and realise how easy it is to use you will start to investigate the more advanced options available to you. Your monthly support contract includes on-going, unlimited remote training, (See FAQ’s for further information). You or your staff can call our support team to request remote training on any part of the Eskimo during the hours stated in our terms and conditions.

Whether we are training you on the basics of the system or on some of the more advanced elements of the software we will communicate in as non-technical way as possible. It is vitally important to us that you fully understand all the sections you need to use so you can reap the benefits of your investment.