Global West

When asked how the Eskimo EPoS solution from Nebula Systems has improved their business, the proprietor, Mrs Jane Phillips commented:

“It was like going from a bike to a Rolls Royce. The busiest time of the year for any schoolwear retailer is during the ‘Back-To-School’ period. During these weeks it is vital that the in-store till enables the staff to provide the customer with a quick, easy and friendly transaction with minimal fuss. It is also vital that leading up to this period the incumbent system is capable of collating accurate figures and information from previous years to enable us to buy efficiently for the following year.

Our business reached a point about 3 ½ years ago when the system we were using was struggling to cope on all fronts. The till software and hardware were not reliable during the busy times and the support we were receiving was nowhere near up to the standard we require as a very busy retailer.

We took the decision to invest in a new system, we chose the Eskimo EPoS solution from Nebula Systems. Since we have partnered with Nebula we have found their system to be extremely reliable on both the hardware and software side and it has coped with all the subsequent  ‘Back-To-School’ periods admirably. When we have had cause to call the team at the Nebula office they have been immediate, very professional and friendly with their response. The Eskimo EPoS software has enabled staff to provide our customers with the type of quick and friendly service we are known for and the Back Office has provided us with up-to-date accurate information for our purchase ordering and reporting, something that is crucial to our business.

All in all we believe the Nebula Eskimo EPoS solution to be a very worthwhile investment.”


Beach and Body

Beach and Body has been trading for over 13 years.  They sell swimwear all year round. They are located in Westbourne in Dorset, near to the Bournemouth coastline. They are very proud of their reputation for a high-level of customer service and a broad range of items. They have extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff and customers come from far and wide to visit the store. When asked why they chose the Eskimo EPoS solution from Nebula Systems, the proprietor, Mrs Melanie Mogford commented:

“Our business is fun but complicated as far as stock control and purchasing is concerned.  We are only able to order their stock once a year with deliveries mostly between December and March. In this regard, it is really important for us to control our ordering and get it right as we only have one opportunity. In 2009, we decided only way to take our business forward was to invest in an EPoS system.  We knew we had to have a system that would enable us to make more informed buying decisions based on previous customer buying patterns. We also wanted to achieve tighter stock control and be in a position to manage our sales more efficiently – ultimately to improve the profitability of our business.

After considering a number of EPoS solutions, we had the Nebula Eskimo EPoS package installed in November 2009. Following very professional training from Nebula we were able to begin using the till in time for the arrival of our 2010 stock, always a busy time for us. We find the Back Office very intuitive and easy to use and the till on the counter, which takes up very little space, looks very professional and is quick and efficient.

A couple of years on we don’t know how we managed without the system, We found the Nebula Eskimo EPoS fitted all our criteria for purchasing and stock control.  In fact, it is really straight forward.  Nebula systems have a brilliant support service and the team are a pleasure to deal with. The phone is always answered promptly and the team are very patient. We would highly recommend any shop owner who is looking for a EPoS solution for their business to consider talking with Nebula Systems.”


The Schoolwear Shop

When The owner of The Schoolwear Shop in Northampton, Sally Dowzell, had the Eskimo EPoS software suite installed into her business she commented:

“I was looking for an EPoS solution that would provide me with the means to analyse my sales and allow me to sharpen up my purchasing so I did not waste money on bad selling lines – I am absolutely thrilled with the functionality the Eskimo package provides me. It caters for all my retail requirements and is a very efficient, cost-effective solution for retailers who are looking to use technology to support their business. It is simple to use for people with little or no computer experience.

The back to school period is a notoriously hectic time for any retailer in the Schoolwear sector and any technology they use has to be reliable. When asked how the Eskimo Retail System performed during the 2011 back to school season, Sally commented:

“My Eskimo EPoS system went through the back to school period with no faults at all. In the last week we served over 2000 customers and scanned over 3000 items with no issues.”