No matter the size of your organisation or the retail sector you are in, it is vital for your business to stay ahead of your competitors and have the inventory to attract new customers.

Consumers are more informed and demanding and customer loyalty is fast becoming a myth of the past. Our shopping experience has changed by being able to buy and compare online. Due to the development of web based retailing and the use of technology in our every day lives high street consumers now expect ‘more for less’, on price, transaction and customer satisfaction. EPOS can help your business keep pace with these changes and put your business at the forefront of your particular retail sector.

How Would Eskimo EPOS and eCommerce Software Suite Help?

If you do not have an eCommerce solution or at the very least an informative website then you are giving your competitor the edge. This is where Eskimo can help you. Eskimo ecommerce provides you with an online platform to allow the sale of products over the internet in a secure way.

If you do not have a computerised stock control system in store integrated with your eCommerce then it may be difficult to provide accurate stock availability to your customer, again your technology- using competitor will get the edge. This is where Eskimo can help you. Eskimo EPOS and Back Office Toolkit can be integrated with Eskimo eCommerce providing a centralised stock control solution for your all your store and website sales combined.

With an Eskimo EPOS till system in your stores  your customers will experience a simple and speedy transaction and all the information required by the operator will be available at the touch of a button – information such as stock availability, where in the store the goods are, how much they are, what promotions you have running, how many you have on order with your suppliers, how many are on order by customers.

Eskimo Back Office Toolkit will help you to understand your customers’ spending habits; key information for you to make informed buying decisions. Having the correct stock at the correct time, purchased at the correct price is vital for your business’ bottom line and cash flow. The only sure-fire way to make the right purchasing decisions is to have historical sales data. With the Eskimo Back Office Toolkit Reporting Suite you will have this data at the click of a button whenever you require it.