Why Eskimo EPOS?

Why Eskimo EPOS over all the others available? The Eskimo EPOS Software Suite is a very easy-to-use, feature-rich and affordable solution that is suitable for any size retailer. However, the big difference in partnering with Nebula Systems is the after sales experience you will receive.

If you chose the Eskimo Retail System you will be investing in a business solution that will work towards the growth of your organisation and enhance your customers’ perception of the overall experience they have when shopping with you. You will also be investing in the peace of mind that comes with having the knowledge and experience of our team supporting you.

We will constantly encourage you to experiment with the different options available in the Eskimo package until you find the combination that works best in your business environment. When you call us you will never be held in a queue, we will never become a faceless organisation. Without being able to speak to you we will not get to hear the likes and dislikes and the ideas, all those things that keep us informed of how you feel about our products and services.

When you invest in Eskimo EPOS you are also investing in the experience of Nebula Systems in the EPOS and retail market. Our belief is that in retail ‘An average shopping experience becomes an excellent shopping with the use of Eskimo EPOS’. And ‘Good EPOS becomes excellent EPOS with the support of Nebula Systems’.